Preparing for the Danish winter

Mid way through last winter I wrote about surviving the Danish winter and all these tips still are very valid but as Winter officially started yesterday here in Europe, my mind turns to how to prepare my health for the forthcoming dark and cold months.


This year I have decided that the winter will not disappear in a haze of colds and ailments. A few weeks ago I went to the pharmacy and paid to have a flu jab. I was the youngest person in the queue by about thirty years but as I am self employed I wasn’t able to get the jab at my work as many people are able to. After suffering H1N1 last winter I wasn’t prepared to risk that again. There are many myths flying around that the flu jab makes you have more colds etc but I think after suffering severe flu I will take that risk.

I am also attempting to cut out too much sugar from diet. As many sugar addicts will tell you, this is tough but I am realistic and admit that I can’t go completely cold turkey but I am trying not to turn to a bar of chocolate for a snack but chose something more healthy. I also think that eating less wheat and meat might help so I am looking forward to the arrival of this cookbook.

Like last winter I am also taking a winter vitamin supplement but I started to take this at the  end of the summer to boost my system in advance. Now I live much closer to the sea, bracing walks and cycles in the sea air should also keep me feeling fresh, or maybe a bit of winter swimming like the chap in the photo above?

I also asked you, my readers, for suggestions of things that help you and it seems that Vitamin D and zinc supplements help you and also cutting out sugar and wheat. There was also suggestion to move to Florida! In the spirit of that we will be spending two weeks in November in the sunshine state so that will definitely boost the Vitamin D reserves.

How are you preparing for the winter?

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