Icewatch at the Rådhuspladsen

I had read about the Icewatch installation at Copenhagen City Hall Square and as yesterday was the last day before it was cleaned up, I hopped off the train at the main station after dropping my son at school to check it out.CIMG7725

Much of the ice had melted but it was great to see. But what is it all about? Olafur Eliasson, a artist (who also has an installation at Louisiana at the moment) and a geologist, Minik Rosing brought 100 tonnes of ice in 12 blocks from a fjord near Nuuk in Greenland and it represents the amount of ice that melts every second due to climate change.

I think it is an interesting way to engage people on the debate about climate change and it was certainly drawing the crowds even on the last morning. You can read more here.CIMG7731 CIMG7735

The lengths photographers go to for that perfect puddle shot!CIMG7737 CIMG7756 CIMG7758

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