Autumn at Sortedam Sø

Last week I shared a list of places I want to visit this autumn and the Lakes at the Østerbro end were on the list. We had a glorious autumnal couple of days this weekend and I took a leisurely cycle ride around Sortedam Sø (Lake) on Sunday afternoon. The leaves were turning, the low autumn sun was shining and it seemed all of Østerbro were promenading, cycling or running around the lake or enjoying a coffee or beer in the sunshine outside one of the many hyggeligt cafes on the Northern shore of the lake. IMG_8121 The buildings along the Northern shore of the lake certainly reflect the slightly more affluent history of this part of town compared to Peblinge Sø, close to Nørrebro, although these buildings also have their own charm. IMG_8141 IMG_8135 IMG_8128 IMG_8127 IMG_8126The view is slightly marred by the green hoarding of the metro tunnel worksite but nonetheless this is a beautiful lake to enjoy the autumn colours and sunshine by.lakes

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