Five things -places to explore this Autumn

As I mentioned in my goals on Monday I am planning to explore a few new places (and old favourites from a different angle) this autumn. The first three are places I cycle past but never seem to find the time to stop – this month I will.


The first is Kastellet. This is an area that I have rarely visited and now living closer to it, I have caught a glimpse as I cycle past that makes me want to explore more, especially with the autumn colours.

The second is another place I have wanted to stop and explore as I have never been there and that is Charlottenlund Fort, just about 20 minutes North of the city.

Third up is Assistens Cemetery with its amazing avenues of trees.

I will take a cycle, camera in hand, around the top of the Lakes too. I am very familiar with the Lakes at the Frederiksberg end but need to bond more with the ones at the Østerbro end.

Finally we will be taking another trip to the Frilands Museum this autumn and I hope to really capture autumn there in its full glory.

So you can expect posts about these places as the autumn progresses (and if the weather is kind enough).



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