Frilands Museum


Whilst the weather is still sunny (although a little chilly) we are making the most of the autumn by travelling out of the city to enjoy museums. Last week we spent the day at the Frilands Museum in Kongens Lyngby.

The Open Air Museum known as Frilandsmuseet is one of the oldest and largest open air museums in the world. It contains over 50 farms, houses, smallholdings and mills from the period 1650-1940. It also features gardens, landscapes and old Danish breeds of livestock. (taken from the museum website).


It is an amazing place to get a real feel of how Danish rural life used to be and to enjoy the woodland, orchards and fields in this enormous site. It is free to get into and we had an wonderful day exploring, collecting autumn leaves and nuts (which is OK as long as they are on the ground) and learning more about the apples in the orchards from one of the museum’s horticulturalists.frilands2 frilands3 frilands4The museum closes for the winter period except for the autumn school holiday and a couple of special Christmas weekend. For practical information visit their website here.


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