This Weekend

Its been a week of cake eating and fun celebrating my son’s fifth birthday – thank you to everyone who send birthday wishes to him.

Here are my picks for the week….thisweekend

Bored of trying to grow my hair, perhaps this is the way forward.

Great giveaway here (closes on the 8 October).

I would love to take part in something like this.

A lovely autumn DIY here.

Great recipe for these kids’ favourites here (in Danish)

Anyone for pie?

Let them eat cake this Halloween.

Tired of all those orange pumpkins? – try this instead.

Local friend and blogger shares her expat stories here.

I so want a bare brick wall but I think it will have to remain a dream.

Hurra test tubes back on the scene!

Want to know how Danish you are? Check this out.

Love figs but don’t know what to do with them? Here are three answers.

Something more exciting for breakfast than my current grapefruit choice here.

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook, hope to see you there.

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