Atelier September’s avocado sandwich

After several failed attempts to get a seat for lunch in Atelier September on Gothersgade, I was lucky enough to be passing in time for an early lunch and to catch this popular cafe almost empty (it was certainly filling up when I left though). It is a small cafe with two long scrubbed wooden tables and a few window seats so the dining experience is very cosy. Whilst I was there they were preparing a huge vat of cucumber relish as well as making the  salad for the day.CIMG7181

I think their open avocado sandwich has to be one of the most instagrammed sandwiches in Copenhagen and at 85kr I wondered what all the hype was about, after all how special can an avocado sandwich be?atelier1

Despite the delicious looking croissants and breakfast food still laid out on the counter, I had to go for the aforementioned avocado sandwich, which I ordered with a homemade lemonade.  I watched the rye bread being sliced fresh from the loaf and then there was some busy-ness behind the counter and  it arrived. It was a fairly long wait for a simple sandwich but when it arrived it looked almost to perfect to eat.

I think it is important to note that I have found it virtually impossible in the whole time I have lived here to consistently find avocados that are worth eating. They are often too ripe or too unripe, too hard or too watery. The avocado here was perfect in flavour and consistency and paired with the chill flakes, zest of (I think) lime, chives and a drizzle of a delicious green oil on juicy rye bread  was an amazing experience. I tried to eat it as slowly as I could to savour all the flavours but it was soon gone. Now I know why Atelier September can charge 85kr for an avocado sandwich – my mouth is watering at the thought of my next one.atelier2

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