Lykken er Chokolade (Happiness is chocolate)

There has been a lot of noise about this chocolate cookbook, Lykken er Chokolade, released last month and written by two Danish bloggers Maja and Anne. The title means Happiness is Chocolate and who can argue with that. I bought the book very soon after it was released and when I heard that Maja was making chocolate waffles in Social Food I went down to see her at work. She was delightful and invited me to bring my book for her to sign, which I duly did.CIMG6408 She was just as sweet and is, not surprisingly, very passionate about chocolate. I love the book. The authors choose a number of the same ingredients such as caramel or raspberries for example and create two very different chocolate recipes with them. The recipes are quite straightforward but in Danish. It is not hard to translate them though as in general they are quite short and it is worth it.CIMG6411 I asked Maja what her favourite recipe in the book is and her answer was the peanut butter ice cream by Anne.
After reading and drooling over the book for some time, I decided to make the chocolate tart with salt caramel by Maja at home. It was easy and totally delicious. I can’t wait to try more from this book.CIMG6424 CIMG6435


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