Lykken er is – happiness is ice cream

And who can argue with that? With a country as obsessed with ice cream as Denmark is, I am sure this is a widely held sentiment.

On Friday I lured my son to a book signing with the promise of free ice cream. Maja Ambeck Vase and Anne au Chocolat were signing their beautiful new book, Lykken er is, at Cafe Nutid in the Latin Quarter. lykken er is - toppings

The ice cream was made from two of their recipes by Hansen’s and the little toppings bar was amazing. We tried both flavours – raspberry and nutella and were surprisingly moderate with the toppings as we really wanted to taste the ice cream. Both flavours got the thumbs up.lykken er is - booksI love to have books signed by the authors and it is wonderful to see the success these two talented ladies have achieved. I wish their publishers, Politikens Forlag, would consider bringing their books out in English, especially Lykken er Chokolade, as I am sure they would be a hit in the UK.lykken er is - signingI have had a flick through the book and many pages have been marked. I think our ice cream maker is going to be on overdrive this summer!


  1. What a great name for an ice cream place. I’m convinced I marry the man who remembers my favorite ice cream. It’s pistacchio actually.

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