This Weekend

Welcome to the weekend. I hope you have a relaxing one planned. The weather here looks to be changeable but we shall be heading to the Sakura Bloom festival in Langelinie and I shall be hitting Finderskeepers on Sunday. What are your plans?

this weekend

Here are my picks from the internet this week…

For those with little doctors this is a perfect DIY.

Who doesn’t love a free book? I read this recently and really enjoyed it.

This is almost as good are visiting the real Paris.

Glad you all enjoyed my sakura post on Monday. Some of my photos appear here (no. 7) and here.

Not everyone wants kids and its interesting to hear why so this book sounds the perfect way to explore this.

Another particularly creepy abandoned building here.

Fancy trying your hand at homemade nutella?

Timeless advice for people graduating university.

Basil cheesecake – very intriguing.

I think most people have these thoughts on a plane – very entertaining.

How to have a successful weekend – obviously written by people without kids!

Perfect way to display nature.

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