Sakura Week at Bispebjerg Cemetery

I planned to go and see the cherry blossom avenue in Bispebjerg cemetery on Friday, when it would have been a little quieter but life got in the way and I ended up there on Saturday morning with every man, woman and their dog.DSC00643With a little patience I was able to get ‘the’ perfect shot. But the more I stood admiring the ceiling of pink I realised the photo story I wanted to share was the one about the people there capturing this natural wonder. I was asked by a runner to snap her on her iPhone   jumping under the blossom – I was able to get the perfect shot for her.DSC00627There were models from Buch having photos taken, couples and families with babies posing by the flowers, old people gazing up at the trees and a mix of people photographing the flowers with a variety of cameras and phones. And you can see why!DSC00625 DSC00650 DSC00653 DSC00655Part of me wonders if the popularity, created in part by Instagram, of this place has taken some of the wonder away. The runner told me in 38 years she had never been here to see the blossom until this year.DSC00634 DSC00631But looking at the peace and joy on people’s faces with or without photography equipment, perhaps sharing this place and helping others discover it is a kindness to everyone. If you want to see this display of pink beauty, be quick as the blooms fade fast.


  1. Cherry blossoms are so wonderful and somehow you never see them bloom slowly but more like BOOM, hello, we are here.
    One way or the other, they are gorgeous.

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