This Weekend

This Weekend is back after a week’s break whilst I was in Berlin. It was a great visit and I loved the fact that summer had arrived there – sadly not so much back in Denmark. It was great to catch up with some friends (who also blog) Sole Satisfaction and Museum Diary amongst others.

My week has whizzed away, I don’t know about yours? Here is a bumper pick from the Internet this week…


We are lucky living in Europe and having access to these great beauty products in our pharmacies.

If you kill house plants then these are for you.

My son so wants this room! I think the bunk bed and magnetic wall swung it for him!

I hate cats but for those of you that don’t maybe this appeals to you.

San Francisco is one of my favourite cities – get a feel of it here. After than check out this too. We did when we were there.

Do you hoard shoe boxes like me? Here’s something to do with them.

Ikea are floating my boat this week with this and this

Sadly I expect we all have to do this one day with our kids.

Interesting and pertinent thoughts on gentrification here.

Just back from Berlin and these are posts I like here, here, here and here about the city.

Is Earth Day on your radar? If so check out this and this.

I use this calendar printable every month to plan this blog.

Why stepping back from the iPhone etc is a great idea. And perhaps this is a alternative?

How many grey t shirts are too many?

Design Mom’s book is out and my friend is in it!

Heading to Stockholm? Check this out,

Book launch for this fab ice cream book next week – I’ll be there for sure!

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