New pink in town

After the massive pilgrimage to Bispebjerg for the cherry blossoms last month, there are some new pink blossoms in bloom right now that get a lot less footfall in Frederiksberg on Allegade. These blossoms are also shortlived but still really beautiful. We used to live right next to them and last year our neighbour’s daughter had her confirmation party under the trees with the blossoms gently falling down – what a perfect way the celebrate a rite of passage.DSC00725

Although the blue skies didn’t play ball, the pink of the flowers was still wonderful. Two Kommune park workers were taking a break whilst I shot the photos and we got chatting over the shared love of nature. I find you often have the most surprising conversations when you least expect it. These guys love their jobs working outside (despite the aches the winter brings) but what surprised me was their genuine love of nature. The more chatty one told me that every spring he visits (at least one) a beech forest outside the city when the leaves are pale green and new before they deepen into summer dark green. He said that he needs to do this as it ‘fills his soul with joy’. This big burly man openly spoke about this with emotion in his voice. It made me think about how much closer to nature and the seasons I feel here in the city. I used to feel like this as a child growing up on the North Downs in Kent where our year would be marked out by the coming of bluebells in the woods around our house, the purple rhododendrons along the roads, the blackberries to collect and stain our fingers with, cobnuts along the lanes and then the large juicy chestnuts to roast. Whilst the nature is different here in Denmark, I feel this same momentum of the year here and it brings me joy.DSC00726 DSC00732 DSC00733 DSC00737Last year the weather was warmer and I used this location to share my love of koldskål – you can read that post here.


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