Open your eyes wide and stay curious – Destination Copenhague

Do you ever do that thing where you are browsing the internet – perhaps looking through your Twitter feed and you find yourself off on a tangent, discovering something wonderful and then completely forgetting how you got there? Well that is how I came upon Caroline Gomez’s Destination guides. Caroline is a French photographer and art director whose slightly enigmatic strapline is ‘slow and travel design’ and she has published a number of city guides about places across the world including Copenhagen and Berlin. Caroline’s website describes these as a collection of contemporary inspirational books about travel and lifestyle.DSC00712My curiosity was piqued so I, of course, ordered the Copenhagen one as I like to see how others interpret my city. I often read guides and articles about Copenhagen that seem to me to have been written without ever having been here. Destination Copenhague certainly does not fall into this category.

With her camera in hand, Caroline has found some of the best, hidden spots of the city as well as some better known ones. This book of photographs  shows the fascinating side of Copenhagen beyond the tourist spots  and really does invite you to explore the city. As the back of the book says – open your eyes wide and stay curious – a motto I very much live by. I now want to get my hands on some of her other books, particularly Berlin and Marrakech – one place I know well and another I have always had an enormous curiosity about.

If you also want to explore vicariously through Caroline or see how she saw your city this is her website.

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