Friday Fun – Crazy trousers

Danish women, in general, are pretty conservative when it comes to fashion, that is until the summer comes. Every year since we moved here (and probably before that) the shops have sold some variation on colourful patterned summer trousers – from MC Hammer style ‘pants’ to ones with a more slender silhouette. I bought my English friend’s daughter a pair of colourful MC Hammer style ones which she hated as she just didn’t get whether they were a skirt or trousers. It did get me the cool nickname of ‘Crazy Danish Auntie Mel’

This year is no exception with both boldly coloured trousers and slightly more conservative black and white ones filling the shops. And women are sporting them all over town despite the chilly weather. I love them paired with a loose Tshirt or simple vest and my trusty Birks.

Thumbs up or down?crazy danish trousersShop the style…Vero Moda pattern trousersVero Moda wide trousersVila trousersH&M trousers, H&M Hawaiian print and Sandals


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