My new favourite places in Torvehallerne

I am an enormous fan of Torvehallerne (you can read my other post about it here). Today I thought I would share some new (and old favourite) stands there and some little things that caught my eye on recent visits.

First up is a new stand called Fresh Market. I have mixed feelings about this stand as it used to be a florist run by a lovely friendly man selling amazing flowers. Sadly this stall closed down but happily a specialist greengrocer has opened in its place. They sell fresh juices and lots of exotic fruit and Italian vegetables, which are not in direct competition with the market stalls outside, which I think is a positive move – both for the businesses and also consumers. DSC00714The little treasures I found on this stand were little boxes of fresh edible flowers. It is the first time I have ever seen these for sale and they were so pretty, perfect for those summer birthday cakes or special homemade ice lollies. DSC00713Next is one of the older stands but still worth a mention. Gartner Christen Olsen, a fourth generation herb gardener, sells herbs and plants directly from his farm. This stall is the go-to place for fresh herbs.DSC00720The treasures on this stand at the moment are tomato, chilli, strawberry and pepper plants for sale. They looked well established and healthy, and a great addition to a sunny yard or balcony. The other discovery on this stand is they now have a farm shop open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in Ishøj (Torlundevej 124, 2635 Ishøj). DSC00716The next place is a new stand and a new concept for the market. Homemate prepare fresh meals from produce from the market and meat from their parent stand, Cleavers (located opposite). Each week they have a small selection of carefully prepared fresh meals that you just have to stick in the oven to cook. I was very excited by the pig’s cheeks dish. The menu changes weekly and you can see it on their Facebook page.DSC00722The last two are take away places, perfect to eat outside on the cosy tables in the summer months. As a Brit I do miss decent fish and chips and Fiskerikajen’s certainly hit the spot. Be warned the portions are generous but they do a child’s size portion too. The prawn salad sandwich is also worth a try.DSC00723Finally another new stand is Bánh Mì Daily, a Vietnamese takeaway place from the LêLê chain selling bánh mì, soft buns and salads. I will be honest and say that is place isn’t a patch on District Tonkin in my opinion and is certainly not as spicy or tasty, however it is worth trying if you fancy something a little different for your lunch (and don’t mind it not being spicy).DSC00702 DSC00715Of course there is so much more in both the market halls and outside to discover, especially on Wednesdays over the summer months when there is an extra market outside for small producers. Check the event calendar for more information.

If you want to see a little video of Torvehallerne check this one out.



  1. I’ve picked up few things at homemate and really like it (last year it was just next door to cleaver’s) – it can get spendy but then again, that’s true for all of torvehallerne 😉 and its’ great for just having everything ready to go into the oven. i thought that florist seemed missing btw – couldn’t figure it out!

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