District Tonkin – my new addiction

It is fair to say that I have a new addiction. For some months there was a mysterious fascade and sign on one of the empty shops on Gammel Kongevej – District Tonkin Concept Store. I assumed it would be another shop selling monochrome but stylish clothes. I was, however, delighted to discover that it is a new cafe selling the most delicious Vietnamese baguettes. I had seen these on various cooking shows over the last few years and always wanted to try one – so last week I did – twice. And on Monday I found my feet mysteriously leading me there again for a third fix. I am limiting myself to one a week, honest!tonkin1

The inside of the shop is beautiful, my photos do not do it justice, check their website for a much better visual presentation. The owner and mastermind behind District Tonkin is Nickie. She is beautiful, smily and most of all, has a deep passion for Vietnamese cuisine. All ingredients from the baguette bread to the amazing fish sauce are family recipes which she has finely tuned. There are four sandwiches to chose from and on a Sunday she does a special such as spicy beef noodle soup – but get there early it sells out fast!tonkin3

tonkin2Words do not do these sandwiches justice, believe me you have to try them. Try a B3 (beef sandwich) for a gentle introduction but for the spice fans among you go straight for a B2 which is Vietnamese sausage and marinated pork with ‘Tonkin’ fish sauce, I was moping the remains of this sauce up with the last mouthful of bread! All the sandwiches contain a beautiful selection of fresh coriander and special picked vegetables.

If you do one thing this week, eat a sandwich from Tonkin!


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