This Weekend

Easter is over and Spring is here. We have been enjoying the sun at The Lakes, in Tivoli and all over town. How about you?this weekend

Great advice here and here for my furniture renovation projects.

In season now (with alcohol!)

After missing out last year, this is on my to-visit list.

Would love a pair of these.

Great advice for life in Denmark and New York

I wish I was 13 again and this was my birthday.

Not sure I know what Kool-aid is but love this.

Strawberry anyone?

My mouth is watering just looking at these.

Modern world summed up perfectly and attitudes to parenting (my new favourite blog too).

Another inspiring Dane.

Definitely doing this in my new apartment.

Lots of ideas for my 40th celebration next year here.

For tea lovers out there.

Booked on this – anyone else fancy it?

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook, hope to see you there


  1. I haven’t been to Tivoli yet – shame! I do need those herb scissors, what a great idea! Kool-aid is a drink mix so not sure what you would replace that with here in DK… Have a great weekend!

    • I thought Kool-aid was something like that, maybe I will try my hand at making this when I am in the US next. I just adore the herb scissors and as I do grow herbs I can (kind of) justify them. On the subject of Tivoli, you should go, it is beautiful, old fashioned and fun all at once. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine! x

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