Baby Packs – thumbs up or down?

If you are expecting a baby here in Denmark many people will mention babypakker to you. For the uninitiated these are free goody packs you can get from a variety of shops such as supermarkets with loads of bits and bobs they have decided you need for your baby. You can find a list of the main ones here.

What are the plus points of the baby packs?

Firstly they are ‘free’ in the sense that you don’t have to part with money to get one. However you have to sign up to get the packs thus giving the retailer your details as an expectant parent so they can continue to market to you (although with GDPR these days it is much easier to unsubscribe if you wish) in the future. And in fairness you may well find the information they send you useful.

If it is your first child it is a great way to have some samples of the products available to see what you or your baby likes. It is alway good to have some small bottles etc for travelling or when you are out and about. Rather than chuck these away when they are empty you can refill them from a bigger bottle.

There is also a lot of popular products and brands in the packs and for most people this is a plus point. Babies are not cheap especially at the rate they go through nappies, wipes etc so every little bit can help.

It is also useful to have emergency supplies of things you didn’t think or know you might need. I was recommended to use zinc cream on my baby’s bum and I had a little tube from a babypakke I could try (it didn’t work for us but at least I had it there and didn’t have to rush out to buy some)

And the downsides (and how to combat them)

There is debate that these packs create unnecessary waste as you may only be interested in a fraction of the items. But if you are thoughtful about the ones you choose rather than taking everything simply because it is free this waste can be reduced. Also banding together with some other expectant or new parents to share the things you don’t want, especially the consumable items.

Almost of all of the items in the majority of the packs contain a lot of plastic in someway or another and if you are looking for an alternative to excessive plastic use around your baby these packs are not the way to go.

I spent a while on Google looking for some more ethically sourced babypakker and I am disappointed to say that no such thing exists at present (but please do comment if you know of any).

So what do you think about babypakker? Thumbs up or down. Do leave me a comment!

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