Digital Libraries in Denmark

I am a big fan of libraries (you can see my introduction to the Copenhagen library system on my Youtube channel here and here and also some posts about libraries here) but I am increasingly aware that many people enjoy reading their books and magazines on their phones or tablets. The libraries are also on top of this and there are a few ways you can use your library card (or registered CPR card) with these systems.

First is Libby {link}. This is an app for foreign (ie not Danish) library ebooks and audio books. You register on the app with the local library you are already a member of. Copenhagen libraries have a number of ebooks/audio books registered for borrowing on this app. You can read or listen to them through the app. I think there are some limitations to the app, for example you can only put a hold or reservation on two ebooks/audio books and you can only borrow two at a time as well. Despite the fact they are virtual books there are only a limited number of copies of each on the database and you can wait some weeks for popular books. But it does mean that you can have access to a wider selection of books and also free audio books which are fairly expensive to buy. Today I put a hold on the audio version of Testaments, the amazing new book by Margaret Atwood (which I have already read) and it will be available in around eight weeks.

The second app I want to recommend is Rb Digital {link}. This does offer some ebooks and audio books but if you register yourself here in Denmark the selection is fairly limited however the real value of this app is the access to magazines to read on your phone or tablet. They have a relatively good selection of English language magazines, for example I used to buy (via Zinio) Red Magazine, The Simple Things, Mollie Makes and Olive but all these are available to borrow for free via RBdigital and there is no wait time for them. There also doesn’t seem to be a time limit for borrowing them, which is great. If you give the app permission to send you alerts you will get an email when the next issue of your favourite magazine is available.

The third and final app is Biblioteket, the Danish library app (you can search for this free app in your relevant app store, it is available on Apple and also Android). Once you are connected to the library system in your Kommune you can access this app using your CPR number and your pincode you use in the library. You can see all your materials you have on loan and those you have reserved. It also sends you an alert when you have a book to collect, books to return and other relevant information. You can use the app as your borrow card (lånerkort) so you don’t need to use your library card or CPR card when you borrow from the library. You can search for your next read and reserve it in the app for collection at your chosen library. It also tells you the opening hours of your ‘home’ library as well as all the other libraries in your Kommune. Again if you are registered with two different Kommune libraries (as I am living on the border between Copenhagen and Tårnby Kommuner) you can switch accounts in the app.

I hope these three app with help you access more books, audio books and magazines.



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