New Playground in Nordhavn

Whilst Nordhavn is still partly a building site there are a number of sections that have been finished and are now lived in. A wander around the area is a little confusing as there are sections still under construction right next to homes. I missed being able to walk along the water front but that is only temporary whilst the rest of the building work is completed.IMG_5845It was great to see some pockets of the historic dock area left and I hope they will be preserved and also sad to see that the old silo with giant graffiti on has vanished.

IMG_5812IMG_5832But what I wanted to share with you is the new playground located at the top of a parking house close to Portland Towers (the double cylinder building). With space increasingly becoming a scarce things for open space and recreation areas in newly build neighbourhoods it is fantastic to see rooftops being utiltised so well.


There are amazing views from here across the sea and also towards the city. Great play equipment for kids and for people wanting to do circuit training. You can time yourself running up the stairs from ground level to the top if you are keen, using the black buttons at the bottom and top with your time displayed on a large LED screen!IMG_5818 IMG_5819 IMG_5826 IMG_5824

The sloped building in the middle of the photo above will be the new alpine ski slope on top of a new power station designed by BIG Architects.IMG_5825For those with buggies and prams there is a lift on the opposite side of the building to the stairs.

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