An evening of Dejlige Days hygge

img_5899Last night I held the first of many (I hope) networking evenings for some of my clients from Dejlige Days Welcome to meet each other and some other more established expats. I hand-picked people who I thought would have something in common with the newbies and I was delighted that the evening was lively with people chatting and getting to know each other . It was fantastic to hear people saying ‘let’s keep in touch’ and plans to meet for coffees.

It is tough to meet people in a new city and I want these evenings to mean that people do meet some others. It was deliberating small with around 20 people invited so that everyone would have the chance the chat and not feel lost in a huge crowd. As a bit of an introvert myself I hate big events with lots of people and I find I pull into my shell.

I also chose to hold the event in a cosy and quirky basement cafe near my home called Gedigen so people would feel hyggeligt and at home. I run Dejlige Days Welcome as a business but the soul of what I do is to help people feel comfortable and have a positive relocation experience and these little get togethers are a big part of this. And last night made it all worthwhile, hearing laughing, chatting and a really positive vibe.




  1. Being a native Danish person – born and living all my life in Nørrebro – and male – I may be an atypical reader of your blog, but I’ve been checking in weekly since I stumbled over your post about refugees back in September ’15 – it’s always nice to see a different perspective on ones city. Keep doing that. 🙂

    Anyway, a former colleague of mine published a book about hygge recently and since it’s a subject you’ve written about more than once – and because it might help explain “what it’s all about” to your readers – I thought I should tell you about it if you hadn’t heard about it yet…and perhaps give a friend a small sales boost too. 😉

    • Thanks. Søren. It’s lovely to hear from readers especially Danish one and a man as well. You’d be surprised as I do seem to have quite a number of male readers. I hope that the subjects I write about aren’t too much for women! Thanks for the tip about the book, I have it on my to read list so I shall do that this weekend. I thought about doing a post about the hygge books on the market so this will be perfect for that.

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