Djuus – slow juices and healthy food in Østerbro

Last week I had massive cravings for the spicy eggs here but as they were closed until 10am I decided to try a new cafe, Djuus on Blegsdamsvej, close by. I was intrigued when I went passed this place on the bus before the summer holidays and the clever play on how Danes pronounce Juice (something that amused me when I was learning Danish). It also saw it getting noticed on Instagram which is always a good thing to me as this is real people endorsing something.IMG_5588

Djuus is run by Rikki and was opened a few months ago. They offer a mix and match breakfast plate (which is becoming a refreshing antidote to the standard Danish cafe brunch offerings), decent coffee (with a selection of milks including cashew milk), slow juices (of course) which were delicious. I had the matcha bowl as part of my breakfast plate and I think I need to try it a few more times to really get my taste buds around it.IMG_5589

It is a cosy place offering a healthy breakfast (and lunch) alternatives and is something that is really needed in this area close to Rigshospital. I am sure patients would enjoy a fresh juice from this cafe brought into them by their visitors (I know I would!)

Do pop in if you are in this area and enjoy a healthy start to the day (note they are not open at the weekends). IMG_5590

Address: Blegdamsvej 78, 2100 CPH Ø


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