A spontaneous afternoon on Amager Fælled

Yesterday was the first glorious summer afternoon we have had this year with temperatures nudging 25 degrees. I picked my son up from school and we took a wander down towards the water behind Sluseholmen and then ended having a long walk around Amager Fælled (Amager Common) together. It was an area he was familiar with from a school sports day but it was new for me.IMG_4715

It was amazing to be in nature so close to the city. We spotted birds such as swallows and jays – birds I have never seen here, even in the city parks. It was peaceful and beautiful (if a little hot, dusty and sweaty by the end of our hike). But as well as that there were pockets of recreation such as a BMX centre and dirt bike tracks – yet they didn’t encroach on the experience of enjoying nature. IMG_4716 IMG_4718

The views towards the city, over Sluseholmen and over towards Ørestad were well worth the trek to the top of the hill here. With our plans to move out to Amager afoot, this place is certainly is adding to the appeal.IMG_4719 IMG_4721 IMG_4723 IMG_4730 IMG_4732 IMG_4733


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