Ferm Living Pop Up

Last Friday Ferm Living, the popular Danish design brand, celebrated their ten anniversary by opening up a pop up shop in an old transformer station in the centre of the city. It is the first time the brand has had a physical shop and it was very inspired choice of location. The transformer station (or electricity station) supplied the city for fifty years until it was closed in 2013. It is now opened up for the first time with this pop up shop.IMG_4689

Back in 2013 when I returned to Copenhagen pop up shops were all the rage in Berlin but hadn’t really made it here yet. Now pop ups are popping up (groan!) all over and are a great way to showcase designers, brands and businesses in an exciting way.IMG_4690

What I loved about the Ferm Living pop up is that it isn’t all about just their brand. The plants and flowers in the industrial space out the back and inside are a pop up in a pop up by my local florist, BB Blomster. IMG_4691 IMG_4692

There is also an event calendar featuring some of the current movers and shakers in the food scene here and again it is great to see Sweet Sneak included – the brand that was at the forefront of pop ups here in Copenhagen way back in 2013.IMG_4694

Whilst I love Ferm Living’s products I love more what they have created here with this fab concept. Want to see for yourself? The Ferm Living pop up is running until the 28th May at Bremerholm 6.IMG_4696

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