Thinking of moving to Copenhagen – let me help!

I have been pretty busy with Dejlige Days Welcome over the last few months as it seems that the Spring is a time when people think about moving here. When I launched the service I had an idea of what kind of packages most of my potential clients would be interested in but the last few months have shown that many people are looking for some pre-relocation help so today in the shape of another shameless plug I thought I would talk a little bit more about how this part of Dejlige Days Welcome works.

DDW pre relocationMost people who take this service have an idea that they want to live in Copenhagen but need the information and advice to help them make this decision. Sometimes the questions are around childcare, helping children get settled, how to register if you are self employed, good places to live, how to beat the rental system but more often than not they are very specific and personal to that person or family’s needs. Having a face to face chat (via Skype or FaceTime) really helps people get their thoughts in order. I don’t just wing it on the day but they filled out a questionnaire for me and tell me their key questions, I then spend time researching this and prepare a short report prior to the call which I then flesh out with more from the discussion and perhaps some extra information – the process is very organic and personal.

I think that almost all of my clients who have started with this service have decided to move here and have been looking for more support after that – which delights me. Although this is a business, the reason behind setting it up was the help people have the best relocation experience they can, to reduce their stress and ease them into life here. I’m not brilliant at blowing my own trumpet but here is a recent review of my services from a happy client on LinkedIn.

If you are thinking of moving here and need some support pop over to my website to read more about how we can work together. If you are already moving here I can help too with a personal local area guide.

Let me help you find your feet in Copenhagen!


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