Homemade Æbleskiver

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on a cast iron æbleskiver pan at a flea market for 50kr. Æbleskiver are a very important Danish Christmas food tradition.

Once Christmas comes around it is time to try my hand at making this delicious little apple filled (sort of) doughnuts that are the traditional Christmas treat in cafes and homes across Denmark.æbleskiver ingredientsI used this recipe from this book and I am told that it is a little fancier than other recipes but it was very easy to make the batter. As it uses yeast there is a little waiting time before you can fire up the pan and get started. But once you do they are super quick and easy to make. A knitting needle is the best way to turn them. But I was so impressed at how perfectly round they turned out on my first attempt and also how truly delicious they are. The way to tell if an æbleskive is homemade is if it actually contains a little cube of apple.æbleskiver cookingOnce they are made, dust with icing sugar and serve warm with a little dollop of jam and a glass of gløgg, the Danish version of mulled wine with raisins and almonds floating in it. Perfect! Glædelig Jul!CIMG4812 CIMG4814


  1. I love æbleskiver! Interestingly, we have an old family recipe which makes something very similar, it’s more like a mini Yorkshire pudding but with apple in the middle and a little powdered shugar on top – served as dessert when we’d been good! My Great Grandmother (from Lincolnshire) used to make them. I’ve often wondered if the two dishes were somehow related. I think food, like language can show many common relationships across countries.

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