Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables 2015

The Christmas Tables in Royal Copenhagen in the city centre are a decades old tradition. Each year six well-known Danes are selected to present a Christmas table, themed by them and using Royal Copenhagen porcelain. This year the tables are a little different. Royal Copenhagen invited six of Denmark’s funniest comedians and entertainers to present the tables. To be fair some of the humour will be lost on non Danes but the tables are still wonderful to see. I like the fact that they are not the normal dinner/lunch settings and approach the idea of a Christmas table from a different angle. traditionalists may be disappointed but I would still urge you to visit this year.

The first table is by Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen,  a TV host and actor. The table it set in a what looks like a giant beach ball. The concept is to celebrate warmth and love at Christmas but also to show that some people have a tough time at Christmas. This is a summary of the information presented by the table, something I am not sure I would get from the table itself.DSC01456 DSC01460 DSC01461

The second is a safari themed setting showing a traditional Danish christmas meal in an untraditional setting and designed by Kirsten Lehfeldt, a Danish actress.DSC01464 DSC01470 DSC01472

The third is a very traditional South Jutland cake table, groaning with cakes and sweet things ready to fill the bellies of passing refugees – very topical. I love the traditional decorations in this setting by Bodil Jørgensen, also a famous actress. DSC01475 DSC01479

Peter Frödin, is a comedian and actor and has presented a witty table. At first glance it looks like a traditional Christmas dinner setting until you notice the overflowing ashtrays and realise the setting is a Danish ‘brown’ pub. Also the food is made from marzipan.DSC01480 DSC01481

My favourite table is the fifth one. I confess I knew nothing of the comedy duo behind the table, Fritz and Poul known as the Snobs, before seeing this table. But I love the sheer decadence and humour of the table especially the Singha beers with straws. Definitely not your usual Royal Copenhagen table!DSC01485 DSC01486 DSC01489 DSC01491 DSC01492

The final table is my second favourite. This time the table is set for breakfast for Mia Lyhne, best known for her role in the comedy Klovn, and her daughters. I love the tree, stockings and invitingly cosy bed plus the little sneaky souvenir of Father Christmas’ visit in the door!DSC01496 DSC01497 DSC01498 DSC01499

Whilst much of the humour and meaning may have passed me by, I still loved the tables and their little details. You can still visit the tables in the flagship store on Amagertorv until the end of December.

Check out the tables from 2014 and 2013.

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