I scream for ice cream (in Østerbro)

We have been enjoying a heatwave here in Copenhagen for what feels like the last month. Even yesterday when it rained the heat still won through. What else is there to do in a heatwave than eat ice cream? Since moving to Østerbro I have discovered two fantastic ice cream places close to our home – very dangerous to the waistline but then an ice cream free winter will sort that out, no?olufs


First up is Oluf’s Is on Østerbrogade and the corner of Olufsvej. In a departure from the usual scoop places here, this wonderful little ice cream place sells Italian ice lollies made from freshly made sorbets or ice creams topped with amazing quality chocolate. Favourites for us are the jumbo chocolate one, rather like a very special Feast, the mint one and the strawberry stick (see above). They open at lunchtime presumably to give them time to create their magic in the morning. Not cheap but surely the summer is an excuse for a treat?

CIMG6812Second up is a new kid on the (Østerbro) block – Østerberg Ice Cream on  Rosenvængets Allé. This adorably pastel coloured place screams ice cream from the moment you enter. I am in love with all the artwork on the walls. They opened in June this year and already have an amazing following thanks to Instagram. The ice cream was some of the best I have tasted here and we are certainly coming back for more. On a hot summer’s day the rhubarb sorbet coupled with elderflower sorbet (their bestseller during the heatwave thanks to its refreshingly sharp flavour) was absolutely perfect.

If you are in Østerbro definitely treat yourself to one or both of these places!



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