Healthy lunches at We do Food

As the summer holidays are still going strong it is great to grab a healthy lunch and sit outside and enjoy some food whilst the sun shines. Close to Kødbyen is a great concept cafe called We do food. It is basically a chose your own salad bar. You pick a plastic tub of base (leaves) and then chose various toppings and a dressing which the staff behind the counter put together for you in big metal bowls and then back into the plastic tub for you to enjoy at the tables inside and out or take with you.CIMG6135

If like me you find the wide selection a little overwhelming (I’ve lived in Denmark for too long!) they have suggestions for you such as Caesar Salad – which is my usual choice. They are quite generous with the dressings, so I ask for a little less on that front, but that is personal choice. CIMG6139 weedo foodIts a great place for a filling, healthy lunch.



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