Goals for February

January seem to pass in a blur of travel preparation and sickness and I realise that I need to get myself back into my creative groove. So I have decided to set myself some creative and blog goals this month.


The first is to get on my bike and have a good explore of Nørrebro area of the city. In the brief passings on my bike and on the bus over the last 12 months I have seen there is a lot of change happening and many new exciting places to experience so some field trips there are on my plans – which of course I shall share here.

Secondly is closer to home..some crafting. Brittany from The House that Lars Built made my day by listening to my request to put up the tutorial for these amazing flowers so this is an evening sorted for me and some much needed cheer. I also enjoyed trying out origami at the latest Craftenhagen event so more attempts at that are on the cards, thanks to Julie’s recommendation of this app.

Baking is also high on the agenda and my son bought me a kit to make macarons from Pandura Hobby for Christmas so hopefully I shall have some success when I crack into them this month.

Finally some freelance work has been coming in and I am looking forward to more of this. I have also prepared a media pack for Dejlige Days so I hope to bring you some interesting collaborations in the future.


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