Budget Accommodation in Copenhagen

A few people have asked me about recommendations for budget accommodation in Copenhagen as it can be fiercely expensive. So here are some of my personal recommendations.

Airbnb is a great place to start looking for something affordable especially if you are travelling with your family or a group of friends. We loved this apartment for a family rental but there is plenty to chose from and this is the best option for people travelling on a budget. Here are my thoughts on Airbnb.


When we lived in Berlin, and I occasionally travelled back to Copenhagen on my own when my homesickness became too much, I always stayed at the Cabinn Scandinavia on Vodroffsvej close to Forum metro. The rooms are small but it is cheap, quiet, comfortable, clean and they have really fast Wifi in all the rooms. Great for a single traveller. They have a number of other hotels but this is the only one I can personally recommend. The picture below is the view from the room I stayed in at the Cabinn.

view from cabin


Another affordable option is Sct Thomas Hotel, both my father in law and some friends have stayed here with no complaint. You can get better rates if you book directly with them. 

I hope these suggestions help anyone planning a trip to Copenhagen this year.


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