This Weekend

So its the weekend again! I am wrapping up a week of Instagramming for Expat In Denmark on Saturday and I have really enjoyed sharing my city with their followers. I also had a great time with the Sweet Sneak girls hosted by Tina at Craftenhagen this week making macarons (remember it was a goal last month?).

So here’s to a great weekend, we are off for dim sum here tomorrow but for now here are my picks this week…

this weekend

I loved making the delicate macarons this week but how wonderful are these? And a something to aim for here.

This story really mirrored our experience of a child starting preschool.

I am glad that this American mum has shared this experience.

I am definitely giving a boring sweatshirt this make over and then hanging it on this.

In the light of my recent post, I really enjoyed this read.

Anyone looking for an internship in Berlin should check this out. I would love to work this amazing team.

I love the sound of this project.

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.

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