Books I read in January

I love reading and this month I have enjoyed three great books. The first one was a re-read whilst I was sick on holiday. If you loved the first book, then Revenge Wears Prada is a must read. It is no literary tome but great fun and brings back all the wit and humour of the first book. Let’s hope if they make it into a film they do better than the first.january booksThe second, How to be Danish, was a fascinating read. It backed up a lot of what I have observed about Danish society but with a lot more information and facts. I was amazed to learn about cutting edge research being undertaken here and it was also interesting to hear about Danes from an outsider.  Well worth the read if you live in Denmark or are interested in modern Danish life.

Finally The Language of Flowers was a discovery in Books and Company. I would never have spotted it via Amazon which cemented my love of independent book stores. It is a touching story of how an orphan finds her way in life via her love of flowers and the Victorian language of flowers. It is a quirky and original read.

I have a number of books lined up for February thanks to lots of recommendations from friend and I look forward to sharing them with you next month.


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