The Danish breakfast


Breakfast here in Denmark is a traditional affair for most people regardless of where they eat it. The same food can be eaten at home, at a hotel buffet, directly from the bakery or in the workplace. Weekends are a bit different but weekdays many people will grab a rundstykke (breakfast roll) or slice of bread spread with butter and with jam or cheese on top.

The Danes are all about pålæg (literally lay on) so a slice of Danish cheese, piece of ham or rullepolse or if you are a child (or child at heart) a thin slice of chocolate. In the bakery they will happily smør (spread) your bread with butter and cheese for you in the mornings.

At home eggs are popular as it a bowl of yoghurt with fruit, nuts and honey. Of course kids love cereal too but what you see below is what most Danes tuck into daily. danish breakfast

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