Storm P Museum

There are a few, lesser known museums in Frederiksberg and for the next three weeks I am going to share them with you. First is the Storm P Museum.

I cycle past this museum on Frederiksberg Runddel twice a day everyday and I kept saying to myself that I must visit it. The opportunity arose just before Christmas when I was banished from the house whilst my son made me a Christmas present. The museum is dedicated to the life of the Danish humourist, Robert Storm Petersen (or as he is popularly known, Storm P.)storm p

It is a semi privately owned museum and has an extensive display of Storm P’s cartoons as well as his paintings and a reconstruction of his studio. I had no idea what a fascinating man he was until I visited the museum and I was delighted by both his satirical cartoons and paintings, which showed a sharp observation of Danish life in the 20th century.

The big positive for me was the well written English information about his life and also the extensive use of modern technology such as iPads and QR codes to offer an up to date and enhanced experience. storm p 2

I passed an enjoyable hour here and would definitely come again, as I didn’t have time to read all the cartoons on the walls and also to see the changing exhibitions on the ground floor.

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