Blogs that Rock 2.1

This is my first Blogs that Rock post for the new year. I love reading all kinds of blogs and I find the blog community really positive. I have chosen six of my current favourites to share here.blogs that rock 1

First is How about Orange. I love all the crafting ideas on this blog, I have many in my list of ‘to do’s this year but I love the bright colours and exciting ideas here. The second blog, Working Berlin Mum, is written by a friend of mine in Berlin. She is an inspiring single mum of two adorable boys. Her blog is an honest look at her life in Berlin but she always has something interesting and positive to say.

blogs that rock 2

Now onto the pretty ones. Mademoiselle Poirot, beautiful pictures, spectacular styling and lovely ideas. A refreshing glimpse into a peaceful world. Next is Emily Henderson. I must confess I have a super big girl crush on Emily. I enjoy her DIYs and interior features but I am looking forward to 2014 on her blog with a mix of this, fashion and new mum stuff.

blogs that rock 3Finally two local blogs from Copenhagen. My apartment was featured on Danish Exchange last year and I love Rochelle’s lovely outlook on her blog. She is always sharing happiness and joy – brightening your day with her posts. Finally Med Kærlig Hilsen is written by a Canadian expat living here in Copenhagen. I love her baking features and am looking forward to her wedding posts – so romantic.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Pop over and visit them and share some blog love.



  1. Wow! Thank you so much for including me here and mentioning me in the same paragraph as Emily Henderson!!! Wow… Will have to check out the other blogs too, they all look great. What lovely company to be in. xo

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