This year’s flea market list

Last year I set myself a list of things I wanted to search out at flea markets and I was almost completely successful. I find going to flea markets much more fun when I have specific things to look for. On Saturday I went to the New Year flea market at Forum. This is one of the biggest indoor flea markets here in Copenhagen. They are holding it again next weekend (11-12 Jan) and then again at Easter.


This weekend was really to have a look and decide what to put on my list this year. I am still looking for smaller Koben style cooking pots and of course good Lego but as I would love Verner Panton Flowerpot pendant lamps (orange one below) for my new kitchen, they are on the list. I saw a couple today so I know they are achievable but I need to research them a little more. Other than that I am looking for interesting plates, pots, vases etc for styling pieces in photos, especially vintage cake moulds. And also Wallpaper travel guides to add to my collection.fleamarket2I love poking around all the stalls though, even though I don’t plan on buying everything I see. Some things are a little crazy and I can wait to see if the wooden Last Supper diorama, which has been on the same stall all this last summer at the Frederiksberg flea market, will see another season!fleamarket 3fleamarket1I love going to flea markets and my wish list makes them even more enjoyable.

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