Christmas Cookies

Like most nationalities the Danes have a lot of special Christmas food. Christmas biscuits or småkager appear in bakeries and supermarkets from November and there are often little bowls of pebernnødder in shops and cafes for you to nibble on. It is also traditional to find them in little paper cones, called kræmmerhuse hanging on the tree.CIMG4528Here is a little round up of the most popular three cookies. Number 1 are brunekager (Brown biscuits) which are essentially little thin ginger biscuits (with other spices) with almonds in them. Number 2 are pebernødder (pepper nuts), little tiny round crunchy biscuits flavoured with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cardamon. Finally number 3 klejner are little fried buttery dough rings flavoured with vanilla.CIMG4541As well as the cookies there are delicious honey hearts, soft gooey spiced honey cakes covered in chocolate. They come in small and family sized and can be hung on the tree (if they last long enough).honey hearts


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