Sluseholmen – the new canal quarter

Sluseholmen is a brand spanking new area build at the southwestern part of  Copenhagen in a coastal area previously just used by the Valby Boat Club and consisting of an industrial area. Over the last couple of years a completely new canal quarter has been designed and build.
I wanted to visit it after seeing a number of photos on Instagram of the peaceful looking canals so I took the harbour bus to there. I was very surprised at how much I liked the area. I expected it to be a bit soulless but actually the varying frontages of the apartments building give texture and the canals reflect the buildings and the sky perfectly. The little boats moored alongside the apartments are an added touch   of making the residential areas connect with the waterways.  I was amazed that, despite its feeling of slight remoteness, I was back in the centre of the city in about ten minutes by bus.
The tower called Metropolis (above) at the far end gives a real shape to the area and the recently completed harbour swimming pool looks great, if you are brave enough. The development sits cheek by jowl with the old red wooden cabins of the Valby Boat Club – old and modern.
It is really worth the visit to see modern residential planning at its best. I would love to hear from anyone living here, do you feel the same?


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