Probably the best view from a tax office in the world

Last week I had a meeting at the main tax office in Copenhagen out in Sluseholmen. Whilst I concentrated on what we were discussing, I was very aware of the beautiful coastline just outside the windows. At the end of the meeting I asked the man if they ate lunch outside on the waterside. He suddenly became very enthusiastic and told me about all the birds and deer they could see from the windows over on the shoreline beyond. Whilst I don’t think working for the tax office is the career for me, I can’t think of a better location to work.CIMG7159

After the meeting I took a wander in the autumn sunshine over the bridge to the boatyards on the other side and took in the community there, had a lovely chat with some very relaxed fishermen, looked at the hundreds of jellyfish in the water, gazed at the skyline of the city in the distance and just enjoyed the salty air. I had another one of those moments!CIMG7160 CIMG7165 CIMG7172 CIMG7173 sluseholm

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