Skincare and Beauty – an accidental princess

I was asked today by a friend about my skincare and make up regime and it got me thinking. Until about a year ago, when I became aware that my face was starting to show signs of ageing, I was very blase about skincare. I went through phases of taking it quite seriously but only buying cheaper products from the Bodyshop and soon abandoning it. But it has become clear that, like French women, I should have started this early and let my products mature with me. My gift to all my friends’ daughters on their sixteenth birthdays and every year after will be the best products available for their skin.
Anyway, I am now a quite high maintenance princess and expensive with my skincare regime tastes and if I am honest, I can see the benefits. It is far better to have expensive product that I actually use and enjoy than a cupboard full of once or twice used cheaper one.
So a little bit about my brand choice. First most of my skincare products come from Origins. My friend asked me ‘why this brand?’ – well it is completely accidental. A few christmases ago my husband bought me a lovely gift set from the Origins counter in Magasin. I loved the products as they worked with my delicate skin and they are free of nasties like parabens. I sought advice from the staff on the counter and I now use age and skin appropriate products suitable for late thirties skin.
Both Danish and German winters can be very drying to the skin so I have been glad of these products for making my skin much more hydrated. Aveda hand relief is the best hand cream I have found for my paper dry winter hands.
Here are the products I use every day – in the evenings  Origins Plantscription Anti Aging Serum, Origins Plantscription Anti Aging treatment lotion, Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream. Every couple of days I hydrate my skin with Origins Drink Up and I really see the benefit. Mornings see me treat my eyes again and moisturise with Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and then in the summer use Origins Vitaboost tinted moisturiser.

Make up is much more low key. A little under eye make up (Bobbi Brown Corrector), long wear eye shadow  and a bit of blush and lip stick. I again fell into using Bobbi Brown make up when my make up artist at my wedding recommended it and as it didn’t affect my delicate skin, I stuck with it. I regularly visit their counter in Magasin for a little revamped make over to make sure I am still using the right products for me.

Finally I am totally in love with this nail polish from Sephora (chosen by my very metrosexual son).

What is your beauty regime?

This is not a sponsored post!


  1. Just the tinted moisturiser as it has some sun protection. I use just a regular sunscreen on my arms etc. I do tend to wear a wide brim hat when it is very hot. Make up wise just the same as winter but a bit less.

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