Corfixen – my first introduction to Danish interior beauty

When I first moved to Denmark I admit there was a lot of Danish culture that I didn’t really know about but the discovery was fun. Danish design, particularly for interiors, was one thing that I quickly caught onto. I was exploring my new neighbourhood close to Rolighedsvej in Frederiksberg and I was immediately drawn into Corfixen, a beautiful modern design shop. I coveted, and still do, so many things that have been carefully chosen and beautifully displayed in this light and airy shop.
There are some items that I always see in this shop and rightly so as they are so elegant and tasteful but there are often new and equally enticing objects. If you don’t live in Frederiksberg please do make a trip out to this shop or at least visit their online store for a little injection of beauty into your home.

Address: Rolighedsvej 20, 1958 Frederiksberg 

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