Only in Denmark

Life here often surprises me but last week I had one of my biggest surprises yet. On my way to a friend’s home somewhere in Østerbro (I am being discrete here) I rounded a corner to see a smart uniformed policeman standing on the opposite corner. I was curious but continued on my way, not at all worried as it was a safe area. Slightly further up the street I saw three suited men and a stunning looking blonde lady saying a cheerful ‘Tak for det’ and entering the wooden gate to her little terraced house, which, as I walked past, noticed bore her name.

I recognised her but couldn’t quite believe her identity until I saw the gate. Yep, our Prime Minister lives in a normal house in a normal neighbourhood with a normal door plate, and looks exactly like her photographs.  I later learnt that there is a huge amount of discrete security in this area but nonetheless I can’t quite see David Cameron in the same situation, can you?

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