Getting ready for The Hive ’13

At the weekend I am off to The Hive – the European Blog Conference in Berlin.

This time last year I was just starting out blogging seriously with Expat Mummy in Berlin, when I attended the first ever The Hive in Berlin. I was little shy about my blog at the time and perhaps didn’t actively meet as many people as I could have (I hate the word networking but that’s what I am talking about). I did however feel very energized, inspired and motivated by the speakers and meeting other bloggers there. There are a number of women I met here that I am impressed to see how successful they have become in a year, which as inspires and motivates me even more.

View from the conference last year

Looking at the updates via Twitter and Facebook from Peggy and Yvonne, the organisers of the event, I think its going to be something special.

This year I am in a different and better place with my confidence about being ‘a blogger’ and I am excited to get out there and meet new people, reconnect with people I met last year, be inspired (that word keeps coming up), motivated and, most of all, have a lot of fun!

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