Adventures on public transport – Christiania

You may know if you have read my previous post about Christiania that I am a fan of this unique place in Copenhagen. My son thinks it is another country and in some ways he is probably right.
Whilst I feel a little affronted by the removal of the Number 14 and 15 bus, the addition of the 9a has opened up a lot of the city that previously was a bit too much of a walk for us. So we hopped on at the Frederiksberg Rådhuspladsen and enjoyed the ride. The bus stop on Prinsessegade is right by one of the lesser used ways into Christiania and if like me, you prefer to bypass Pusher Street, this is perfect.
Who can resist this on a beautiful day? It was the first time we visited in the afternoon and the place is a lot busier and there is a lot more of the sweet smell of marijuana than in the morning but still (outside the main area of Pusher Street) the atmosphere is mellow and relaxed.
I love all the little scenes around the place and whilst I am familiar with the Freetown, I still love to happen upon little scenes like these above. So my advice is to hop on the 9a and see where it takes you – maybe to another country?


  1. […] second week of August free from preschool and we have plenty of adventures planned – maybe a day in Christiania, a trip to Sweden, lots of time on the beach, visits to the children’s workshop at the Staten […]

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