Summer Goals

So the holidays here in Denmark are upon us. School has finished and the days are still long and bright. My son has until the second week of August free from preschool and we have plenty of adventures planned – maybe a day in Christiania, a trip to Sweden, lots of time on the beach, visits to the children’s workshop at the Staten Museum for Kunst, other museum trips, train rides to other towns and exploring our new neighbourhood.


I am looking forward to some precious time with him this summer. Preschool has been a big adjustment for him and moving house is always difficult whatever your age so the summer will give us time to relax and recharge. We will also have a visit from my parents this summer which I am very much looking forward to, especially as I haven’t seen my dad for over a year.

I also plan to get our new home organised and think about how we want it to look in the future. I am always very eager to get this sorted but with this as our own place it is a marathon not a sprint.

I am also starting to see a few more clients coming my way for my freelance business and as Copenhagen is something of a village, I hope this will led to much more in the autumn.

I shall be missing some good friends as they spend time away from Denmark but to that end I am taking on the task of organising a few events for Craftenhagen whilst Tina is away so remember to like the Facebook page if you want to join in.

What are your plans for the summer?


  1. Sounds like you have a lovely summer planned. Two weeks to go until we break up and I can’t wait. Looking forward to living life at a slower pace, and hoping to get in the garden. Also hoping to get plenty of exercise in to lose another stone before my brothers wedding in October. Enjoy the time with your family xx

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