Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark)

We have been enjoying the great selection of museums that Copenhagen has to offer these last few weeks whilst we wait out the last months of winter. My son enjoys museums, even those not aimed specifically at children, but the big hit this week for both of us was the Statens Museum for Kunst.

As it was the winter school holidays we were able to go to the Children’s Workshop, which is open to the public at the weekends and during the holidays (see their website for full details). For 45kr my son had the chance to paint, make collages from found items and plastercine. For older children there were tables set up for making more advanced sculptures using glue guns. The staff were super friendly and very willing to speak in English to my son. You can take home anything you make and it was a great way to spend an hour.

We had a walk around the main part of the gallery and the colours and textures in the modern art selection were great to stimulate a three year old’s imagination.

The other great aspect of the museum for families is the quality of the food in the cafe. It is not excessively expensive for Copenhagen and the kids’ meal was a junk food free zone and just the kind of food to give a child a healthy but appealing energy boost (I also loved my parsnip salad). The soup and salad change daily and at the weekends and during holidays there is a great brunch buffet.

 Salad of the day

Children’s meal

Finally, entry is free to the main display areas so it is an excellent place to spend an afternoon with your family. They even has tokens to use in the lockers so there is no worry if you arrive without a 10kr coin.



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