Papirøen and Copenhagen Street Food

The harbour area of the city has been really growing over the last couple of years and last year Papirøen or Paper Island diagonally opposite Nyhavn was opened to public use. Previously these huge industrial halls were home to paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press but with that use no longer needed they have now become home to creative businesses, Experimentarium City (whilst the original Experimentarium is rebuilt) and Copenhagen Street Food.

With a newly opened three prong pedestrian and cycle bridge connecting Strandgade (close to Noma), Prinsessegade (with access to Christiania) and Papirøen plus the forthcoming bridge across the inner harbour from Nyhavn, this area is getting easier to access. The current use of the buildings is under contract until 2017.street food 2

But more about Copenhagen Street Food. The concept is simple yet amazing. The huge hall is filled with food vans and sheds selling a vast selection of food types from Japanese, raw food to Italian and Korean. It gives small businesses the chance. The highlight for me is Copper and Wheat, two French guys selling twice fried (in duck fat) chips. You can buy from any stand you fancy and then grab a seat at one of the communal seating areas, inside or out. It is worth noting that drinks need to be bought from the bars at the front of the hall not at the individual food stands. street food 3

The place is run as a kind of cooperative with each stand being a shareholder. There are great events organised regularly including Friday night bingo – best to follow them on Facebook to find out the latest. It gets super busy on sunny days and the tables outside are perfect for enjoying a cold drink and watching the sunset.street food


  1. Wow this looks too awesome! Must visit next time I’m in town. It isn’t a temporary thing, right? We have stuff like this going on in Helsinki, but they’re only running for a day or two at a time..

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