Kaffestuen, Østerbro – a place to watch the world go by

I thought I would finish the week with the last in a series of cafe posts (see Retro, Democratic Coffee, Bang og Jensen). Kaffestuen on Østerbrogade close to Jagtvej, is my local independent coffee shop. This place also favours the shabby chic look and is very cosy, especially the back room. Their coffees are delicious. the hot chocolate made with chocolate buttons is amazing and the triple layer gluten-free chocolate cake is pure indulgence. For the healthier amongst you they also have a good selections of juices and a nice morning plate. I especially like the A board outside demystifying all the different types of coffees. This place is pretty small but definitely worth a visit.

kaffestuen kaffestuen2

You can linger in here with a coffee and watch the world go by outside. There are even two comfy chairs set in the window for, it seems, this exact purpose.

Address: Østerbrogade 150, 2100 Copenhagen



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